CRC - Association

Since 2007, the Center for Risk and Crisis Management has been a registered association under austrian law.

The aim of the association is to increase awareness and competence on the subject of security, to promote the topics of leadership, risk, security and crisis management and strategic decision-making from an interdisciplinary perspective for science, business, training and research. In doing so, the association will continue to expand its recognized expert role as a point of contact for all relevant groups.

In this way, the association will further expand its recognized expert role as a contact for all relevant groups. Sustainable protection and the representation of complexity and interaction between social security – economical security – environmental security – political security – public security – cyber security and space security is a central concern.

The Center for Risk and Crisis Management will also be active in the area of promoting young talent and will focus on topics such as training and support in founding startups. In this way, the association makes a lasting contribution to increasing the national and international visibility of Austria as a security location.

In the sense of the founding members of this association, it is that this association functions at least as a cooperation platform for national and international universities, companies and other organizations and is designed and used by them or can be used, in order to be able to work on the subject area holistically in its complexity.

Furthermore, the association intends to bring together specialists/experts working in this field as well as national and international organizations (profit and non-profit organizations) in order to initiate, organize, develop, operate and represent training, research & development and operational application (operations) in the subject area in question together with the members of the association.

The association is not profit orientated. It is based in Vienna, Austria and extends its activities throughout Austria and worldwide.