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Space Security:
Who is in Charge?

Dealing with Blurred Lines of Responsibility

September, 17th 2024
Vienna, Austria

Our mission

Successful security policy and the design of security strategies for the public and private sectors – in a global context – especially in the development of forward-looking concepts for resilience in the economization of space and the protection of, for example, critical space infrastructure, require an open and unbiased exchange of ideas between all actors in society, politics, business, public administration as well as science and research.

Dealing with complexity and its changes over time as well as drawing conclusions from the behavior of a system are essential aspects in generating security policy concepts and deriving strategies from and for individual and collective social actors.

Our audience group

At the VSSC in February we bring together decision-makers, prominent opinion leaders, leaders from politics, business, media, research, civil society, international organizations and non-governmental organizations as well as expert representatives from a diverse aerospace scene to discuss innovations, trends and the future of economic use of the space.

The VSSC believes in the need for sustained and informed public discussion. Our conference and discussions will be conducted in a hybrid format to allow a wide audience to participate, and the results of the conference will be made public through reports, interviews and social media.

Our focus

The Vienna Space Security Conference (VSSC) has transatlantic, European and Austrian roots, but our activities also reflect a globalized world.
The VSSC strives to increase global diversity for the topic of SPACE and to reach all relevant stakeholders. The goal of the VSSC is to discuss the most significant current and future SPACE security challenges, as well as to be able to formulate contributions to solutions. However, the VSSC also draws attention to issues that may not yet be at the top of the international security community’s agenda.

The VSSC advocates a comprehensive security concept that takes into account the complex interrelationships such as “space security and cybersecurity” and the influences on global security policy and develops robust security concepts for the economy and the global community for the economization of space and colonization activities of space by private and state actors.

The VCCS promotes the discussion and development of a comprehensive and holistic view of security policy in terms of the concept of securitization, which encompasses space security, cyber security, economic security, environmental security, societal security, political security, and public security, and helps describe their global interactions and effects.

The topics such as space law, space policy, space economy, space science and technology, space infrastructures and their development, space environment, space culture, space risk management, space disaster management will occupy an essential discussion space in interaction, discussion for the development of a comprehensive and holistic view of security policy.


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