About us

The Center for Risk and Crisis Management is an association of experts from business, science and business as well as companies in the D-A-CH area. The non-profit association “Center for Risk and Crisis Management” was founded in April 2007.

The aim of the association is to increase awareness and competence on the subject of security, to promote the topics of leadership, risk, security and crisis management and strategic decision-making from an interdisciplinary perspective for science, business, training and research.

We work only on topics which are highly relevant for the economy and where action is needed to be fit and proper to meet future requirements. We discuss what is important now and in the future. The past is analysed only, where this is necessary, but our focus is on actual developments and future trends.

The activities of the CRC are not aiming for economic benefit. The focus is to contribute to develope a secure and save environment for companies and for the society. As all activities are financed by member fees and project orders, the independance is guaranteed. We are gathering the best of all fields of expertise to provide top-level and practise-proofed know-how.

The networking of all relevant actors in the areas of politics, the environment, business, science, public administration and civil society stakeholders is of central importance for the Center for Risk and Crisis Management.

Since 2009, the Center for Risk and Crisis Management, together with its association members, has proactively initiated, planned, developed and funded innovative national, bilateral and EU-funded security research projects.